Phase I Luxury Apartments

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Phase I Villas

All prices shown are valid until May 31st 2022.

Terms of payment:
Option 1: 30% down payment, 40% upon completion of structure,  30% upon handing over of the unit.
Option 2: 25% down payment, quarterly payments to be completed by January 1st 2025.
Option 3: $5,000 on signing, 10% in 30 days, 10% in 90 days, 20% in 180 days, 20% in 370 days, 20% in 540 days, 20% (minus $5000) on occupancy.

Estimated completion time:
Phase 1: December 31st 2023
Phase 2: Commencement of construction of phase 2 is conditional upon having sold 60% of phase 1 units by December 31st 2021.